Another Visualization

Aside from the “bubbles” visualization we were working on another idea for showing our data, which would, as we hope, allow a easier exploration of the data.

To show not only the posting time on the song but also the actual posting date, we plotted the comments on concentric circles, each standing for a specific day. Their appearance in the visualization is dependent on the posting time on the song.
The comments are color-coded according to comment type and comments from the same user are connected by lines.

first functional try-out in processing ☟


It became apparent to us that most comments are posted in the second half of the day (12:00-24:00), as well that insert text here

We further iterated on the visuality and functionality:

color scheme try-outs ☟

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-09 um 15.20.24.png01Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-09 um 15.27.15.png

try-outs on how to show that several comments are posted on the same point in time☟


highlighting and hover functionality ☟




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