Finalizing Visualization and final changes

Visualization 1: Colliding Particles

For the final visualization we made some changes to make the visualization a bit more communicative and emotive:

  1. We decided to change the interaction to show how spams and soundcloud user promotion push the regular comments out to make a wall of BS between the artist and the regular comments.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 21.03.49

  2. We added one more category of comment apart from the initial three. The new category is the SoundCloud promotion which mask them self as real comment. Those are the comments like “Really cool track. Please check me out!”
  3. We changed the circles to talking face GIFs to make it more playful and emotive.
    We designed the regular comment as smiley faces and the normal SoundCloud Profile promotion as very talkative and attention grabbing faces.
    The SoundCloud profile promotions which mask themselves as real comments as a face between regular comment and normal soundcloud profile promotion.
    Spams are robot faces.

Visualization 2: Concentric Circles

For the final visualization we changed the comments to appear in the sequence they were posted on soundcloud to make it more clear. To still see the patterns in the commenting based on posting time on song, we introduced a micro-visualization: a histogram over the the music progress bar on the left top of the screen. The user can hover and see the comments posted on that particular time on the song.

We also did some minor visual changes to make the whole visualization a bit more readable: changing the date format from 01/05 to 01 Apr; increasing the font size by 2 points; making every 5th circle in the concentric circle brighter than others to make it more readable and change the colour scheme of the comment category.



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